Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Unique Tips For Getting Straight A's In The University

Some students think that getting straight A's in the university is something arduous to achieve. Some feel they don't have the brains to make good grades and as such obtaining straight A's is only meant for some smart folks. In reality there's nothing wrong with your brain. The only problem is, you under use it. Here's a quote by A.N. Wilson; 
Brain power improves by brain use, just as our bodily strength grows with exercise
So get off that myth. Your brain is intact. There is certainly nothing mysterious about getting good grades. Interestingly, many of the "A" students in the university attribute their success to certain practises which they indulge themselves in and not to their Intelligence Quotient (I.Q). As a matter of fact it has been proven that students with high I.Q sometimes struggle in school and don't do well as their colleagues with lower I.Q. Apparently, obtaining straight A's in the university is achievable if only you learn to do the following:

1. Organize your mind

Organize your mind by setting priorities. Have a study schedule plan and discipline yourself to follow them. When it is study time, turn off your phone and any other device that can distract you. How to get rid of distractions has been discoursed on a previous post:Tips for creating a good study environment. Stay focussed and let nothing distract you. Understand that your study time is your business time. Recreation can come afterwards.

2. Study For Long Hours

People who achieve great feats in life are those who push to the limit of exhaustion. In order to get those straight A's, you will have to do the same. In other words you will have to study for long hours. Every successful adventure in life starts with a determination. Determined people are successful people. When you are determined, you will be committed. So be determined to study for long hours of about 4-6 hours a day and stay committed to this. If you practise this and eschew laziness, you will begin to see your grades soar.

3. Stay consistent and don't procrastinate

Reports have often been heard about students collapsing while writing an examination. A major reason for this mishap is because lot of students tend to chunk up a whole semester's information in their brain a week or day to the semester's examination. This can be avoided by staying consistent with study. You are in the university to study, so put in the require time and effort to studying. Do not procrastinate, begin study as the semester begins. Don't wait until a week or day to the semester's examination before you begin study. Studying early will help you ease the pressure as the semester's examination encroaches. Consistency in studying is paramount because in order for you to have straight A's, you will have to cultivate the habit of consistently studying every single day without letting things pile up on you.

4. Contribute in class and ask your tutor questions

One of the ways of maintaining good grades is by having a deep understanding of what is been communicated to you by the tutor. So if the information seem fuzzy, ask questions. Compare and contrast principles which you are taught in class and then contribute. The attitude of asking intelligent questions and making contributions in class will help you develop a keen interest for your study.

5. Teach in a study group

Teachers are learners. One of the ways of gaining mastery of a particular subject, is by teaching it. There are stuffs you know which your colleagues or junior colleagues do not know. So teaching in a tutorial or study group will help you have a deep understanding of the subject. It can even help you come up with great ideas which you never thought of.

6. Take good class notes

The tutor will test you based on what he or she has taught you. Reading from your textbooks is highly recommended, but reading from your notebook is also vital. Your class notes are like maps meant to help navigate your way through the textbook. In other words, class notes are guides. You can draw a line in through the center of your notebook, label one side notes from tutor, you can also add the name of the tutor and the other notes from textbooks. This can greatly help you improve your grades in the given subject. 

7. Test yourself

Self test is essential. Pull out a clean sheet of paper, grab a pen and start writing down the things you have learned over a given time frame without looking into any note books or text books. Doing this will help you build confidence in your abilities. Test your self over and over again. In the process of testing yourself, you will begin to spot out your weaknesses. In other words, you will discover those information that didn't stick in. Review the unstuck information and make them stick.


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