Thursday, August 9, 2018

Have You Considered Apprenticeship As A Viable Career Option?

Have You Considered Apprenticeship As A Viable Career Option?

Universities are been considered by most people to be the aristocrat of the education system. Consequently obtaining a university education could be the best thing that could happen to anyone. Well this is not necessarily true.

Obtaining a university degree does not guarantee a job, neither does it guarantee wisdom. Someone can go through university and remain a fool at the end of it. Apparently, a university degree is not a yardstick for success and it is not the only path to a successful career. 

Have you considered apprenticeship as a viable career option? Apprenticeship can be very rewarding. Some of the world's greatest inventors who have added values to human lives, were once apprenticed to someone. At an early age of fourteen, the greatest multi talented genius, Leonardo da Vinci was an apprentice to Andrea da Cione one of the most successful artist of his day. Thomas Edison who filed over one thousand patents and famously known as the inventor of the light bulb was an apprentice to James Mackenzie the man who taught him telegraphy. America's Henry Ford, the man who revolutionized the assembly line mode of production for automobiles took an apprenticeship at age sixteen as a machinist at a shipbuilding firm in Detroit. It was from here that Ford garnered the requisite skills and experiences which he later used to build his first car. It is crystal that apprenticeship can serve as a viable career option for anyone who is ready to learn by practice. 

Switzerland which is considered as a global leader in strong apprenticeship and work based learning has apprenticeship as a major part of its educational system. As a matter of fact incorporating apprenticeship into a nation's educational system will help combat the lack of inventiveness and skillfulness among youths. It will also make them employable and easy to manage. 

Considering apprenticeship as a viable career option isn't a bad idea. Without any further ado, let's see some of the advantages you get to derive from choosing apprenticeship as a viable career option.

1. It will expand your skill set

Undoubtedly you will gain new skill sets during your apprenticeship. You will gain deep understanding and yourself confidence will increase. Apprenticeship is one of the surest ways of becoming an expert in a given field because you learn by doing. 

2. It will make you employable

One of the major interests of an employer in an employee is "skill set". A university graduate which is not skilled in his or her field of chosen becomes difficult and expensive to manage. Generally such a graduate can be termed as unemployable. This is because many degrees lack work place skills. Many university students upon graduation find themselves stranded and unprepared for the real world. I have discussed in a previous post which is titled: important career tips for college students how college students can start exploring opportunities at the beginning of their program. However in apprenticeship learning is done while on the job thereby building up the apprentice skill set and real life experiences which are the essential things an employer is looking for in an employee.

3. It can help you become an inventor and entrepreneur

It has been discussed above how some of the world's greatest inventors were once apprenticed to someone. You too can become an inventor. Apprenticeship opens up the door of the possibility of becoming an inventor or entrepreneur since it avails one with the opportunity of "learning by doing".

4. It can help you build a career on your degree

Not all degree leads directly to a job. Nevertheless apprenticeship can help you build a good career on your degree by merging theory with reality. 



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