Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Important Career Tips For College Students

There seem to exist a stiffness in the nation's labour market, which serve as a threat to graduates and undergraduates who are gradually walking their ways out of college. This stiffness in question has been a thing which successive governments have been battling, with little or no success. Considering the status quo, it is incumbent that every student in the nation have clear cut goal about the pathways that can usher them into their respective careers. The tips written below are meant to help students navigate their path into their careers:

1. Start exploring opportunities at the beginning of your program

This is crucial if you are going to achieve that goal of yours or secure that dream job. Don't wait until after graduation. Start exploring opportunities from the beginning of your program. In order for you to carve a niche for yourself, you will have to read extensively and learn in practical terms how you can apply ideas from your field of chosen to solving real life problems. This can be achieved, if you will be willing to learn by apprenticeship or secure a part time employment in your field. You could also secure a paid or an unpaid internship. We have always been advised by our parents and tutors to get good grades, while this is good, the truth is that such efforts at school cannot be readily applied to work settings. It is an entirely different ball game out there in the labour market. So here's the rob, model your learning at school with real time work.

2. Explore alternative career paths

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Exploring other career alternatives can be advantageous as it will place you in a safe position of getting your hands on something handy once you are out of college. A major advantage of seeking alternative career paths is that it can enable you switch gears where there is so much "stiffness" for a given opportunity. In other words you can get something good doing in a situation where you are aiming at securing a job or position for a space in which there are many people vying for just a few openings. 

3. Be flexible with something

Mastery in a particular field is essential. Learn to be flexible with something. Don't be a mediocre in everything, aspire to be a master of something. To be flexible, you will have to make a firm decision of developing yourself in a particular field of your chosen. Learn all the intricacies involved and follow the blue print of those who have excelled in the same field.


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